WildCat announces the WildCat Add-On Platform™

Lexington, KY, June 9, 2017 — WildCat RealTime Systems Inc., a developer of automation controllers for industry, announces the WildCat Add-On Platform™, its universal Industrial-IoT ecosystem to provide add-ons for new and existing robotics and machines.

With add-ons, customers can leverage their existing equipment, knowledge, and workflows while acquiring new capabilities, bringing new opportunities while lowering barriers to entry and increasing the return on their original investment.

At the core of the WildCat Add-On Platform™ is WildCat’s modular configurable real-time Industrial-IoT control. It provides time synchronization, event sequencing, coordinated motion, analog and digital sensing, communication, and interfacing to automation and management systems.

“While the platform can replace existing industrial control systems completely, it is designed to co-exist and augment current installed systems to provide new capabilities. The integration of the platform is designed to be very simple to reduce the initial cost.” — Paul Hartman, WildCat CEO.

Add-ons are under development and will be announced in the near future. WildCat RealTime Systems Inc. is interested in working with customers to develop new solutions to be incorporated in the ecosystem.

About WildCat RealTime Systems Inc.

WildCat RealTime Systems Inc. is the innovator behind the WildCat Add-On Platform™, a universal Industrial-IoT control and ecosystem of add-on technologies for industrial machines, allowing customers to increase ROI on existing equipment while reducing risk and cost by augmenting rather than replacing. Privately held and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, WildCat RealTime Systems is experienced in automation control design and problem solving across a wide range of industries. The company offers ready-made and custom solutions. More information can be found at wildcatrealtime.com.

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